A great deal of thought went into the accommodation at LaSource so that we could promise a new standard. Seasoned travelers tell us we created tasteful havens of luxurious and elegant comfort that are rarely seen in the Caribbean. Rooms have a colonial feel that invites visions of our island history. Jalousied wooden shutters rather than curtains provide shade from the brilliant Caribbean sunlight. Ceiling fans gently move the air. Cool marble under foot feels opulent. Hand carved mahogany furniture adds warmth, as does a 4-poster king size bed (or a choice of two double beds) with off white bedspreads that add to the antique feel. Generous room size gives you desirable space, while a private balcony or terrace takes you outside to a view of the sea or our fabulous gardens. Bathrooms are also spacious and luxurious with abundant marble, a bath and shower, and a plentiful supply of necessary toiletries and robes.

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