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Holistic Classes

Stretch it Find it:

An easy to follow stretch class. A combination of flowing movements and controlled breathing with deep static stretches to help relieve tension and develop perfect posture.

Tone and Stretch:

A great chance to firm up the whole body, elongate the muscles using a combination and variety of weight based exercises and studio equipment.

Aerobics for all:

A freestyle combination of low and high impact aerobic movements, providing options throughout.

On the Ball:

Using the fit balls and other studio equipment to firm and tone up the core and the whole body.

Step Aerobics:

A basic, mid-intensity step workout, combined with lower body conditioning exercises.

Caribbean Dance Class:

A non co-ordinated dance class, using a combination of various dance styles from all over the Caribbean islands (e.g. Soca, Zouk Reggae )making the class fun and exciting, whilst burning calories.

Abs only:

A workout designed to strengthen the abdominal core and lower back muscles, often in the form of a circuit session.

Box Aerobics:

Combining various martial arts and boxing movements to produce a real stress and calorie busting workout.

Aquacise :

A class that always guarantees to be full of fun. Splash your way to a great fitness level at any age. Also an ideal class for expectant mothers and people with joint problems.

Boot Camp:

Love to jog, squat, do drills, push ups and more, then this class is ideal. All is included and intense.

20/20/20 Aerobics:

This class is designed to increase the intensity level throughout the class. It kicks off with 20minutes mild workout, 20 minutes cardio and 20 minutes conditioning. Great class for a total body workout.

Aqua Tone:

This is a more gentle aqua class designed to tone specific muscle groups. Not much cardio required, just tone and stretch, on the soothing waters.

Fit 8":

This class is designed to challenge your ability to sustain endurance for at least one minute per movement. It's only 8 moves repeated and recorded. It's fun challenging and builds endurance.

Triple Impact Class:

This class is designed to take your work out intensity to three 3 different levels of cardiovascular workouts . It starts off at the easiest level of intensity moves up to intermediate then pushes into an advance level. All the moves are easy to follow, however, you challenge yourself.

Legs Bums Tums

An easy to follow class where the main focus is the specified body parts. Let those muscles feel the burn. No chorography needed.

Ultimate Circuit:

Combining both cardiovascular and resistance stations to produce an all over body session. Work at your own level while challenging your weaknesses.

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