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Water Sports Dive Locations

He West Coast Of Grenada Has An Abundance Of Dive Sites That Range From Easy And Relaxing To Exciting And Challenging For Even The Most Experienced Divers.

Bianca C 90' - 120'

A 600' cruise ship sunk in 1961. She lies on a sandy plain in 167' of water, edged on the south side by Whibble Reef. The top deck/ sides of the boat are at 90-110 with the central structure having collapsed downward and to starboard. In December 1992, the rear third of the ship was torn loose by the severe swell collapsing to starboard. The ship itself is falling down inside the hull that is upright, but you get the feeling it leans starboard because of the slope of the decks. There are sometimes strong tidal currents so this can be an advanced deep dive. The ship is encrusted with hydroids; black soft and hard corals. There are schools of jacks, barracudas; Eagle Rays are common as well as the occasional Atlantic spadefish and reed shark. This dive is spectacular, advanced and frequently arduous which even experienced divers find challenging. Please see our dive staff regarding prerequisites for this dive.

To dive the Bianca "C", you must hold an advanced certification or provide us with log book documentation showing recent (6 months - 1 year) deep diving to 40metres/130ft. For safety reasons LaSource dive staff must make the final decision on whether you will be permitted to dive this site and this decision cannot be overruled.

Windmill Shallows 60' - 130'

A narrow ridge only 20 -30 food wide, it rises from the plate coral at 90' on the land ward. This is a virgin reef, as the fish are merely curious. There is an abundance of fish due to the tidal currents flowing over the narrow reef. The slope is encrusted with grogonias, black and red corals as well as variety of sponges.

Purple Rain 20' - 80'

Called Purple Rain because there are so many Creole Wrasse descending around you during the dive you feel as if you are diving through rain of purple drops. A reef that splits into 2 ridges that run parallel to the coastline, it lies between Grand Reef and Whibble Reef.

Kahonee 20' - 25'

The head of the two ridges consist of a collection of sand channels with reef in-between. The last place that I've seen a nurse shark that was larger then two foot long.. I've seen more turtles here that I've seen for a long time; there are more fish in a variety of different coral landscapes. It's also the first time I've seen an octopus trying to hide in the sand; and when it realized it wasn't working, it flew straight to the reef between everybody. This is also the place for brain coral, some of which extend six foot or so across.

Lower Boss Reef 20' - 80'

You start in sand canyons in 20-30' descend down a slope to 50' where you might see the elusive green moray big enough to make you wonder if you want to see it (don't worry they don't attack). Further along this gentle drift dive, you will come to the hole, a frequent hang out for barracuda. The coral on this reef is varied with, finger, stag horn, elk horn, and brain coral on the upper parts of the slopes. Further down there is a cascade of sheet coral with soldier fish and squirrel fish hiding under its edges. In the shallower parts of the dive you can see shy and barred hamlets, an abundance of parrot fish and an occasional porcupine fish.

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