Off The Well-Worn Track

The island of Grenada is one of the few surprises left in the Caribbean. It's also one of the few that can legitimately claim the word unspoiled. Uncrowded beaches and a crystal-clean sea welcome bathers and divers with breathtaking underwater scenery. The island is one of the world's most prolific sources of spices (indeed, it is known as "The island of spice"). The landscape of 120 square miles is varied and virtually virgin. You can still hear the chatter of monkeys in the giant bamboo of our protected rain forest, and the picturesque capital town of St. George's is a colonial gem well worth a visit. All in all, an hour's drive around the island reveals a tiny country of not much more than 100,000 gentle souls living in a virtual Eden.

LaSource is situated on the island's southwest tip on PinkGin Beach surrounded by a spacious tropical landscape. It is 5 minutes from Grenada's International Airport and 15 minutes from St. George's.

How To Get Here

Grenada is easily reached from North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Direct flights are available from the UK with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Excel, which all offer weekly service to the island. From Europe, Thomas Cook Airlines also offers a weekly service. North American visitors can choose from American Airlines/ Eagle and Air Jamaica. American Airlines is scheduled to commence a daily service to Grenada from Miami. The island is also served by our Regional carrier LIAT via all major Caribbean gateways. Contact your travel agent or tour operator for more information.

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