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It is no longer necessary to spend all of your vacation time reading and learning about scuba diving. Just click here to log onto PADI website elearning page, and follow the steps to study for the PADI Open Water Course. This option starts with you studying all the knowledge development including the knowledge reviews and quizzes on-line, at home prior to your departure. So on arrival at LaSource, you can complete the pool training and open water qualifying dives in a much shorter time-frame with our scuba instructors, leaving you with loads of spare time for enjoying recreational diving and all the other activities.

There are Three Sections To The Course

  • Theory
  • Pool-work
  • Open water dives

Knowledge of the basic diving theory is covered on-line. The instructor will review your understanding of the theory. The diving skills are then developed in the confined water or a swimming pool and finally after completing four training dives in open water, the instructor will determine when you are ready for your recreational diving.

If you think SCUBA is for you, there are two courses you can choose from

Padi Open Water Course

This course gives you the Open Water Diver certification, which allows you to dive with any qualified diver to a maximum depth of 18m/60feet. This performance based course can take as little as three days and consists of five knowledge development sessions, five-confined water/pool sessions and four open water-qualifying dives to a maximum depth of 18m/60feet. It is a pre-requisite course for any further training. This certification will be recognized at dive centres around the globe. You can even begin your PADI Advanced Open Water course right after you complete this course.

Padi Advanced Open Water Course

This course gives you vast opportunities to dive in other more challenging areas and increases your knowledge and ability. This involves five adventure dives, e.g. deep, wreck, drift, boat, U/W navigation, U/W naturalist and night diving. When you come to LaSource, your instructor will then review the specific dives with you in 2-3 days. On completion of this course, as a bonus, you would be qualified to dive the 'Bianca C' wreck (the Titanic of the Caribbean) at a max depth of 130'40m.


Before  you decide or are accepted for any course, we must determine whether you are fit to SCUBA Dive. Please download and print the PADI MEDICAL STATEMENT AND GUIDELINES FORMS and be sure to bring them with you for approval. For more information log on to the PADI website at www.padi.com.

PADI Medical Form

If you answer "NO" to each question you are approved for diving. Please bring your completed medical from to with you to LaSource. If you answer "YES" to any of the questions you will need to consult with a physician prior to arrival, who will determine whether or not you are fit for SCUBA diving.

Please note that you will be required to bring the original signed PADI Medical Statement Form from your physician to the Resort saying that you are fit to scuba dive.

Once you have selected your course, please pay close attention to your study guides. You will be required to fill out the online form to register for the course.

Prices Per Person

  • Open Water Diver US$520.00 (including $120 fee to PADI for on-line course)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver US$428.

For Certified Divers

Certified divers have an abundance of diving opportunities included in the price of their stay. We try to give to our guests the opportunity to visit most of the more popular dive sites (once they are suitably qualified to dive), including the famous Bianca C.

Each certified diver is entitled to three dives per week stay.

(Additional dives may be purchased at US$50.00, US$75.00 for a night dive and US$25.00 for a shore dive, subject to availability).

  • You must provide us with a valid certification card from an acceptable training agency. If for some reason you do not have your card with you, we will assist you in trying to verify your certification if you are willing to bear the expense of the necessary fax and phone calls.
  • If you are planning to do some of our advanced dives, please provide us with logbook documentation, which supports your qualification for such dives.
  • For safety reasons our instructors must have the final determination of a diver's qualifications for diving on a particular site and this cannot be overruled.

Boat Dives

Our boat, conditions permitting, goes out on at least two trips every day. The first dive is at 9am which can be between depths of 60ft/18m-130ft/40m. The second dive is usually to depths of 30ft-40ft.

  • Your first dive will have to be a check dive normally done on the afternoon dives.
  • You may sign up for a trip at any time, but if you are signing up with less than 24 hours in advance of a scheduled trip your booking will be honoured on a space-available-basis.
  • Due to the high demand for boat space, we must request that you honour your bookings. Failure to show up for a booked dive will cause all future dives to be on a space-available basis.

Beach Dives

After you have completed a few boat dives with our instructors and received a beach dive briefing, you may do a beach dive any day from 9.30am - 3.30pm.

To do a beach dive, you must have a certified buddy, you must carry a float line, and you must return with at least 500 psi in your tanks. If you do not have a buddy our staff will be happy to assist you in finding one provided you give us sufficient notice.

Please see our staff for best times for shore diving.

For Non-Certified Divers

The 'Try Dive' program or the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, allows you to experience the thrill of scuba diving in one day without taking a full certification course.

This program is available at an additional charge.

What To Do

  • You must sign up in advance at the Dive shop and fill out a medical form. Please check our website at www.TheAmazingHoliday.com under the sports page by the PADI Fast Track section to view the medical form to give you an idea of the questions asked.
  • You must be in reasonably good health with no contraindications for scuba diving. If you did not view the medical form prior to your arrival at LaSource, a local doctor can review your form should you answer yes to any contraindications, however there will be a charge for this service.
  • When you are accepted into the program, you will be scheduled for a 2-hour classroom and pool session. Upon successful completion of this, you will be scheduled for an ocean dive to 12 metres/40ft. This is a very safe program. We maintain very strict standards for these dives that include very low instructor-to student ratios.
  • Because the instructor-to-student ratios are so low on these dives, we provide 'try dive' experience for an additional cost. Additional try dives may be available for US$50.00, subject to availability.
  • This program is very popular and please book in advance at the dive shop to avoid disappointment.
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