Food, Drink and Temptations Galore

We think a rejuvenating holiday includes letting-your-hair-down with a healthy dose of self-indulgence, which is why LaSource's temptations are on-purpose irresistible. Food nourishes the body, but when it is prepared with the flourish of a great chef, it also nourishes the soul.

The globally influenced Cuisine LaSource is designed for healthy eating without sacrificing the art of good cooking. It takes its inspiration from many light & healthy contemporary fusion styles of cooking and adaptations of traditional dishes, While Cuisine LaSource is lighter calorie leaning, it is not light food for its own sake. Our aim is to produce great tasting foods with an emphasis on quality ingredients, lighter textures & natural flavours.

There are actually four different restaurants to make sure your palate will never get bored.

The Great House Restaurant The Garden Restaurant Oscar's Beach Bar & Restaurant
Oceanfront Cottages

Oceanfront Cottages

Oceanfront Cottages
Cafe Deli The Terrace Bar & Lounge The Piano Bar
Oceanfront Cottages

Oceanfront Cottages Oceanfront Cottages
Oscar's Beach Bar  
Oceanfront Cottages    

Dress Code

Dress Code for LaSource.

Day time: In the restaurants, footwear is required, and we ask that you are covered with bathing suits dry.
Evening Time (after 7.00 pm) We are elegantly casual in the Restaurants and Bars we ask that:
For Men, Casual long pants, stylish jeans, and dress shorts are permitted, covered shoes or dress sandals are required.
(No flip flops or bear feet in the evenings). Short or long sleeved collared shirts (no T-shirts or sleeveless T-shirts)
For Ladies, Casual long pants, stylish jeans, dress shorts, dresses and skirts are permitted. Dress shoes and dress Sandals are allowed (No flip flops or bear feet in the evenings).
Thank you for your understanding.

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